Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Whoa!! Technology Overload

I am on technology overload!! I can't believe how many programs, apps, and different ways of blogging there are out there for everyone to use. Obviously I knew about the popular ones, Facebook, Twitter,and Blogspot, but I never would have known there were others such as Tumblr, Posterous, Picasa and tons more. I am learning so much in my Technology in PE class that I hope there is a full time job out there for me so I can put all this technology to use! I never would have pictured myself making videos,or blogging, but I am doing it and I am having a blast.

Today in class I almost had it with technology. A classmate and I had to set up DDR to a projector and speakers so that it would be usable in a classroom setting and not at home. This turned out to be the hardest task so far. I was completely shocked at all the different cords there are, how you tell the cords apart and what the names of the cords are. After an hour of finding the right cords, connecting everything up the correct way, dealing with technological difficulties (The playstation 2 cord was not working)and working through our frustrations, my partner and I finally connected everything and we were ready to dance!

If my partner and I didn't push through our frustration and we gave up, we would have never learned how to set up the DDR to a projector, and when it came time to do it while teaching, we would have been kicking ourselves in the behinds. Sometimes even if a task is hard and seems impossible, you have to keep trying and persevere in order to accomplish the task.

I may be on technology overload, but I am 100% sure all this work will help in the future!

Staying positive!

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