Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Patience - Where were you today?

Work today was just like every other day for the past month.  Teach the gymnasts their routines for our Rec Demo coming up Saturday.  However, today I found myself having little patience when coaching my classes.  Could it be that we have been doing these routines for a month now and the girls still don't know them? Or could it be the girls are distracted because school is almost out and they are excited?  Whatever the case, I found myself very frustrated and impatient coaching my classes this evening.  Nevertheless, we made it through the routines and the girls did a great job putting their floor routines to the music.  Patience was lacking today, but the outcome definitely over powered the impatience.  Hoping the girls routines look just as good, if not better on Saturday.

 Good night!

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  1. Great emotion and truthfulness to your statements. Stick with it and when you get a chance link some of the music you're using for your routines.