Tuesday, June 28, 2011

InTECHgration in PE

GZ Sport and GZ Power StepperImage by gamercize via FlickrI am learning so much about InTECHgration in PE and all the different technology that is available.  Technology in PE class at SUNY Cortland has opened my eyes to so many different forms of technology that I never thought I would use.  If you asked me 10 days ago if I would ever be blogging, I would have said "No Way."  Now, I am blogging almost every day, connecting up gaming systems to projectors, using flip videos, cameras, and making videos and collages using Picasa.  I am amazed at all the different sites I have learned about such as Blogger, Diggo, Google Docs, Google Sites, Tweet Deck, Posterous, DropBox, Tumblr and Goalbook just to name a few.  I have learned more in the past 9 days of class about technology than I did in my 4 1/2 years of undergrad and first year of grad classes.  I never knew there were so many different heart rate monitors and that some you don't even have to wear a watch, it programs to the computer.  How cool is that, and where was this when I was in school? I was told it has been around for at least 10 years!  Now is the time to make that change and start InTECHgrating video games, exergames, and accelerometers into PE classes.  I am excited and eager to use all the things that I have learned.  By far one of the best, most interesting, and useful classes I have taken in a long time!!
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Small bursts of Physical Activity Beneficial?

I read this article in The Vancouver Sun by Laura Baziuk on small bursts of physical activity and how it can help you get fit. The general idea of the article was that if you are overweight, don't like working out, and don't like going to the gym, then you don't have to. All the small bursts of activity you do throughout the day will add up. Check out the link below for the full article and how small bursts might benefit you.

Small bursts of physical activity can help you get fit, study says

Updated Grade Book

Here is an updated screen shot of my grade book! Looks a lot nicer after coming to class this morning and learning how to input grades correctly!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Mock Grade Book

This is a mock grade book that I put together. Trying to figure out formulas and how to input grades. Tricky stuff. Feedback is more than welcome!!!

Mock Grade Book

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Where should my Heart Rate be during activity?

So the question was asked during class on thursday, "Where should our heart rates be during moderate and vigorous activity?" First, you must find your maximum heart rate, and in order to do that, take 220 - age, so mine would be 220 - 25= 195. According to the CDC for moderate activity, you should be working at 50 - 70% of your maximum heart rate which would be 97-136 beats per minute (bpm. For vigorous activity, you should be working at 70-85% of your maximum heart rate which would be 136-165 bpm.

Here is the breakdown of the math portion.

Moderate Activity:
195 X .50 = 97 bpm
195 X .70 = 136 bpm

Vigorous Activity:
195 X .70 = 136 bpm
195 X .85 = 165 bpm

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Whoa!! Technology Overload

I am on technology overload!! I can't believe how many programs, apps, and different ways of blogging there are out there for everyone to use. Obviously I knew about the popular ones, Facebook, Twitter,and Blogspot, but I never would have known there were others such as Tumblr, Posterous, Picasa and tons more. I am learning so much in my Technology in PE class that I hope there is a full time job out there for me so I can put all this technology to use! I never would have pictured myself making videos,or blogging, but I am doing it and I am having a blast.

Today in class I almost had it with technology. A classmate and I had to set up DDR to a projector and speakers so that it would be usable in a classroom setting and not at home. This turned out to be the hardest task so far. I was completely shocked at all the different cords there are, how you tell the cords apart and what the names of the cords are. After an hour of finding the right cords, connecting everything up the correct way, dealing with technological difficulties (The playstation 2 cord was not working)and working through our frustrations, my partner and I finally connected everything and we were ready to dance!

If my partner and I didn't push through our frustration and we gave up, we would have never learned how to set up the DDR to a projector, and when it came time to do it while teaching, we would have been kicking ourselves in the behinds. Sometimes even if a task is hard and seems impossible, you have to keep trying and persevere in order to accomplish the task.

I may be on technology overload, but I am 100% sure all this work will help in the future!

Staying positive!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mock PE Lesson using Technology

This is a mock PE lesson using Wild Planet Animal Scramble. The lesson is geared towards younger kids, ages 4-7. The lesson starts out with an explanation of how to use the Giraffe; Using the dark blue button, you turn the Giraffe on. Then you use the light blue arrow buttons to find your game. Once you find your game hit the green Go button. Listen to the prompts and continue to hit the Go button until the Giraffe tells you to begin. There are four animals that go with the Giraffe, a Tiger, Monkey, Elephant and Parrot. When you go over to the animal you must place the Giraffe over top and hear the beep, then you can move on. This lesson is on Memory. After explaining how to use the Giraffe, we go over the toy car from the movie Cars that is next to the elephant and makes noise. Now, whenever you go over to the elephant you are supposed to tap the car so that it says one of the six phrases. Which ever phrase the car says, there is a note card that tells you what you have to do. some of the activities were jumping, hopping, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, sit ups, and push ups.

Positive Points - The lesson went well with the directions that were given. The animals were not spread out to far, and easy to access. The person performing the activity definitely got a little work out from the back and forth.

Changes - There are definitely changes that I would make to this lesson to have it be more successful.
1.Have different activities at each of the Animals, instead of just at the
2.Perform the activity before buzzing in the animal.
3.Set the animals up on an elevated surface so that it isn't so hard to buzz in
the animals.
4.Use locomotor skills to move from animal to animal.

Please leave comments on other ways Wild Planet Animal Scramble can be used!